In The East: A Schoolboy Farhan Accuses A Senior Official Of Aggression

A teenager says a senior official threw a chemical substance in his eyes and hit him.

Farhan said to be traumatized. According to the teenager, he was in a kindergarten of his community when her 35 year old aunt Noushreen (*) asked for information on the origin of some waste deposited near her home. “He told me that these wastes were deposited by our neighbor, a senior official,” said the aunt to investigators. “I went to the neighbor’s place asking for explanations.”

Noushreen went to the home of the official Raj (*) accompanied by her nephew. “Monn dir misie-la mo neve temwin ki linn zet salte pre kot mwa,” says Noushreen in her testimony. She added that the officer did not enjoy this confrontation and launched a utensil towards Farhan. The complainant indicated that Raj would have punched his nephew and threw a substance on his face.

Hand and foot plastered
Alerted by the cries of Farhan, his uncle came to his rescue. The teenager, who was bleeding profusely, was rushed to the Flacq Hospital where he underwent surgery. He had a hand and a foot plastered and was transferred to the Moka hospital where he underwent surgery to his eyes. He was hospitalized.

Farhan’s aunt does not hide her anger: “You can not hit a child in this way. Farhan has to take part in examinations and now he’s hurt, we do not know what will happen.”

As for Raj, he denied the allegations against him. “People threw trash in my yard and I posted it near the entrance of my house, not near that of Noushreen. She came to me to reproach disparagingly.

She then went back home after fifteen minutes with her nephew. Farhan ti ena enn dibwa avek li et linn rod tap mwa. Mo finn pous li pou defann mwa e li finn tonbe. Li ti pre kot mo lavwar e ti ena solision ki ti ouver,”he revealed.

The official complained against the uncle of Farhan to the police, accusing him of trying to strangle him. The investigation is under the supervision of CI Rumun.