Résidence Argy: Drugs Worth Rs100 Sold Under Small Tents

In recent years, Argy residence was transformed into skid row. Fencing surrounding yards which was rare only three years is now becoming common. The reason being the proliferation of drugs in the streets of this quiet town of Flacq.

«Ou oblizé met sa, sinon problem,” says one resident speaking of his fence. Indeed, some families have built walls old sheet metal or other materials to avoid seeing what happens on the street. «Si dimounn trouv mwa koz ar ou la, mo kapav gagn mové problem. Mo lakaz kapav krazé tanto mem.» reveals an inhabitant.

Across the river, one can see the comings and goings of many cars around two small collapsible tents by the roadside. Young people from the locality there selling drugs openly in front of everyone.

One is in his twenties. He holds a wad of cash. It is he who seems to control the money. Next to him, another uses an object for pasting rolling papers, in which he has a certain amount of drugs. Several people in the same age accompany them. And they all seem immersed in a daze.

A man wanders the streets. The bag he carries contains the drug powder and synthetic apparently. One can see Rs 100 notes being exchanged. The dealer gets the money handed directly by customers.

Under the other capital, there are other “market” but they are older. Cars stop at their height and passengers buy their “commissions” in the open.

How can these people sell drugs so easily? As a resident to answer these young operate for the “big shots” because people come to get money from them. After receiving their doses, young dealers go home, she said.

The inhabitant of residence Argy continues her story. «Isi pa zis sa ki vandé, zot vann tifi osi. Mé nou pa kapav dir nannié akoz nou per nou lavi. Dimounn inn mor brit isi» she says, before returning home.