[Video] University Of Mauritius: Tense Situation Between Students And Management

About sixty students from the University of Mauritius conducted a sit-in on the campus on Monday October 10. Two decisions of the administration are the source of this sit-in. That is, the graduation ceremony for those who have had to repeat their exams and the rising prices for the rental of gowns.

The students expressed their dissatisfaction during a sit-in yesterday October 10.

The students expressed their dissatisfaction during a sit-in yesterday October 10.

“Prices have risen from Rs 650 to Rs 1,400 in two years. How is that possible?,” asks Nelvin Cushmagee, Vice President of the Union.

Students who took part in the remedial exam want to graduate with their friends. Nelvin Cushmagee made it clear that “it is unethical that those who participated in remedial tests to be penalized.”

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The problem is far from resolved. Members of the union have met with the management of the university on Monday October 10. But they are still unsatisfied with the meeting with Romila Mohee, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Mauritius. Nelvin Cushmagee says they have been hardly heard by Romila before “doing a walk out.” Students still sent a letter to the leadership of the university, as well as the Ministries of Education, Finance and the Prime Minister’s office. If they do not receive an answer, they threaten to do another sit-in.

The Vice Chancellor said he asked students to send an official letter to the management for the latter to consider the request. However, in a press release, the management stated that the date of graduation for those who participated in the Retake Exams is still set for October 25. In the release, the management explains: “The University of Mauritius regulations have been duly amended to reflect the new amount of Rs 1400. This includes all costs related to the ceremony and not only those related to Gowning as has been interpreted by the students.”