Alleged Attempted Sexual Abuse: Two Minors Accuse The Lover Of Their Mother

Trauma for two sisters of 15 and 16 years. They accuse their mother’s lover of attempting to sexually assault them on a fallow land in Rose Hill. The suspect was arrested by the police.

Pascal, suspected of attempting to abuse the teens, denies the charges against him.

Pascal, suspected of attempting to abuse the teens, denies the charges against him.

Its been three months since their mother Sandra, aged 35, got to know the young man named Pascal. Separated from her first companion with whom she had two daughters, Sandra was seduced. “He often comes home but does not stay for the night,” says the woman.

Her two daughters, she said, live with their father. “They came to visit me on Thursday September 15 and spent the night at home. This is the first time they met Pascal. The latter departed in the evening. The next day he came back early and invited my two daughters to accompany him to the bank. They left around 8:30 AM,” she says.

“Pa kone kinn pass dan so latet”
Gaëlle, the eldest teenage says that they borrowed the road from ébène to Rose Hill and the young man tried to sexually abuse them on their way. “Kan nou finn arriv pre kot enn pon pa kone kinn pas dan so latet. Linn trap mwa par mo likou ek linn ris mo ser par so linz. Linn komans trenn nou dan enn bwa,” recounts Gaëlle.

The youngest girl struggled after seeing the danger. “I gave him a blow to the throat. He dropped me and I ran to get help,” she recounts. Meanwhile, Gaëlle was dragged by force to a river. “He told me he could not control himself and he would rape me. He removed my underwear and committed touching,” she said.

Her sister who was looking for help met a couple who passed nearby. “I asked them to give me a cell phone. I then told my mother. At the same time, I saw a police vehicle which was on patrol. I told them our mishap and I invited them to follow me, “she said.

On the other hand, Gaëlle struggled with all her might, “Monn resi mord li lor so soursi. Linn dir mwa si mo ser pa revini li pou touy mwa. Gramersi mo ser finn retourne avek lapolis,” she says.

Pascal D. was arrested and taken to the Rose Hill police station. The two sisters have recorded the testimony against him. The suspect spent the night in police cell. He appeared before the Bail and Remand Court. Police initially objected to his release on bail. During questioning, he denied any attempted rape.

“We were going to the bank. I have done nothing wrong against them. They are lying,” he argued to the police. On September 23, he participated in a reconstruction of the events. The court granted him bail on Monday September 26 but he could not raise the amount of deposit required.