[Audio] Grand Bay: A 15 Year Old Adolescent Admits Having Committed Six Thefts

Three suspects, including a teenager of 15 years, were arrested on Wednesday October 12 by the police criminal [CID] of Grand Bay as part of an investigation into a series of thefts in the area.

The teenager, during interrogation, confessed to six thefts. He confessed to attacking tourists on the street before stealing their belongings. He swung the names of his alleged accomplices: a homeless of 27 years and a notorious repeat offender.

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Except in cases of pick-pocketing, the three suspects robbed houses, according to the police investigation. The amount of the loot is estimated at over Rs 300,000.

The Superintendent of Police (SP) Jadooa, who oversees the investigation in the case, said that the three suspects were arrested in Camp Carol area in Grand Baie on Radio Plus.