[Exclusive] Forest Side: Kevin Catches Bestfriend Trying To Rape His Girlfriend During Party

Kevin has a burden on his head. He could not believe that his best-friend has attempted rape on his girlfriend during a birthday party last Friday night October 7. He does not know where to turn after the drama.


After contacting us, he was hesitant to tell his story but finally admitted that his best-friend Akash* (name changed) tried to rape his girlfriend during a party. They were all invited for their friend’s 18th birthday party in Forest Side where the drama occurred on a Friday.

“Mon pren mo copine mon ale dan fét sa zur la ek mo pli bon camarad ti osi prézan comdab,” said Kevin in his statement. He revealed that they had a few extra drinks together on that night and was out of their mind. “Nou fin bouar du vin ek fort osi. ene moment mo copine dir li pe gagne vomi. Lin galoupé pou ale toilet,” added Kevin.

According to him, his best-friend followed his girlfriend to the toilets and no one noticed his moves and intentions. Kevin continued to have alcoholic drinks with his friends when all of asudden, he heard his girlfriend’s shouts and cries.

He and his other friends rushed to the scene to only see Akash* lying on his girlfriend and molesting her. Kevin and his friends were shocked. “Mon trap Akash par so chemiz mo deman li ki pe arrivé la. Tone nissa? Apré mo bez li ene larz kalot ek mon pren mo copine mon sorti sa fét la,” said Kevin.

The young man said he got the shock of his life and believes that his girlfriend could have been raped that night if they did not intervene in time. His girlfriend denied to make a comment on this matter who seemed traumatized by the event.