Poste-de-Flacq: A Taxi Driver And A Police Officer Surprised During A Witchcraft Ritual

Asraf Ally Ramdin, secretary of the General Taxi Owners’ Union complained to the Flacq police station on Tuesday October 11 to denounce an act of sorcery practiced on the large cross in the Choisy cemetery at Poste de Flacq, near Le Prince Maurice hotel.


To support his statements, Asraf Ally Ramdin presented photographs to the police taken by him when individuals were performing a ritual. In his complaint to the police station of Flacq, he explained that there were three men and two women. He told investigators that he can identify two suspects: a policeman assigned to a police station in the East and a taxi driver, who acted as the sorcerer.

The police accompanied the secretary of the General Taxi Owners’ Union to the Choisy cemetery at Poste-de-Flacq. Asraf Ally Ramdin showed the exact place where the ritual took place. The officers noted the presence of two suspects. They have opened an investigation. The policeman and the offending taxi driver will be asked to give their version of events.

Asked for a reaction, Asraf Ally Ramdin says he went to Poste-de-Flac, close to Le Prince Maurice hotel, around 2:30 PM on that day. He then noticed that something was fishy in the Choisy cemetery. “Mo finn trouv sofer taxi ek polisie-la pe sakouy sa madam ki ti akonpagn zot lor grand krwa apre pe fer rituel. Dan taxi-la ti ena enn vie madam ti pe asize.”

Asraf Ally Ramdin said he took a few pictures via his mobile to help justice in his fight against the scam and crime.