Revenge Attack In Jin Fei: A Tour Operator Attacked And Sequestered

A tour operator was kidnapped by four men on Monday afternoon October 10 in Trou-aux-Biches. The suspects drove the man to Jin Fei, Riche-Terre, where they violently assaulted him. The CID officers are actively looking for the authors of this aggression.

Jin Fei

Four attackers assaulted the tour operator in Jin Fei.

Kevin (name changed), a resident of Dagotière, was near a Chantefrais shop in Trou-aux-Biches on Monday afternoon. He was next to his white car, a Mitsubishi Lancer, when a Mitsubishi Pajero stopped near his vehicle. Four individuals got out of the Pajero and two of them embarked Kevin in their vehicle. The other two sat into the car of the victim. The suspects led Kevin to Jin Fei, Riche-Terre.

Once there, the four individuals violently attacked Kevin with kicks and punches onto various parts of the body. Before leaving, they reportedly told their victims they assaulted as a revenge attack. The suspects made off with Kevin’s cell phone, his wallet containing Rs 50 and his bank cards, before taking leaving with his car.

The police were informed of the attack. They carried Kevin, who suffered multiple injuries, to the SSRN Hospital in Pamplemousses. He was admitted after undergoing surgery. He had severe head injuries.

The sleuths of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Trou-aux-Biches recorded the testimony of Kevin from his hospital bed on Monday October 11. “These people say they have assaulted following a revenge attack for a container case related to my business. I do not know these men, but I shall identify them. On the way to Jin Fei, these individuals also assaulted me in the car. At Jin Fei, they pounced on me to beat me up. I begged them not to hit me. They said they gave me a lesson,” he told the police in his statement. The victim could not provide more details to investigators.

The sleuths suspect another matter. They are working hard to find the perpetrators of Kevin and his car. Investigators rely on pictures of the surveillance cameras of the area to try to get clues to the suspects. The investigation, conducted by the sergeant Mootoo, is supervised by the inspector Seegoolam.