Traditional Dress Code Not Allowed At LEAL

The new work dress code at LEAL Groups has been creating a lot of buzz among employees. A new document has circulated and it states that the group “ne permet pas le port de tenue culturelles, traditionelles, et religieuse” during office hours.

Traditional dress not allowed at LEAL.

Traditional dress not allowed at LEAL.

The Chief Marketing Operating Officer Virginie Quevauvilliers says « Plus de 90% des employés du groupe doivent porter un uniforme. Nous avons prévu des pantalons, des jupes, des chemises, entre autres, pour le personnel. On a pensé à tout pour que tout le monde se sente à l’aise. »
According to her, the choice of the design of the uniform was taken unanimously by a board consisting of mostly employees of the companies belonging to LEAL Group.

The document further reveals that head wraps such as caps are not allowed but hijabs can be worn.
Irvin Balgobin who manages the Human Resource department at Leal & Co.Ltd reveals that the hijab is allowed at the workplace and there are employees who wear it. No complaints have been received from them so far regarding the issue.
He adds that employees should imperatively wear their work uniform if provided.