171 Police Officers Suspended; 7 For Drug Trafficking

Drugs being a scourge of society, the police is not immune to this and it makes every effort to eradicate it. Commissioner Mario Nobin says he will be uncompromising towards those staff who were involved in this crime either for traffic or consumption.


The 171 police officers who were dismissed were by the Disciplined Forces Service Commision. They were arrested for various offenses. Among them, seven are involved in drug cases. In eleven other cases, the investigation is still underway or records were housed in court or investigators seeking the opinion of the parquet.

The last arrested and suspended is 22 year old policeman Tounaiven Armoogum. This member of the Special Supporting Unit who has two years of service in the force was arrested on Monday morning in La Chaussee, Port Louis. His arrest was made by a team from the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU).

A search conducted on him led to the seizure of heroin dose. The investigators found a syringe with traces of heroin in his locker at his place of work. He was released on bail after appearing in court in Port Louis on Tuesday.

Before the constable Armoogum, there was the arrest of Sergeant Ruben Nair of VIPSU and police Vijayen Moothoo of the Criminal Investigation Division of Quatre-Bornes. It was on Thursday 22nd of September 22 in Vacoas, in relation to a methamphetamine trafficking case.

ADSU’s policemen posed as potential buyers and the 44 year old sergeant Nair had proposed to sell meth to them. 29 year old Constable Moothoo had been implicated in the case by the sergeant as the person who gave the drugs to be sold.