[Exclusive] Flic En Flac: A Pervert Enters House Through A Window Showing His Penis To Shocked Lady

Hard to believe. On Tuesday night October 13, a young woman in a building in Flic en Flac was a victim of the perverse fantasies of a man.


It was nearly 10:00 PM when this person saw an individual open the shutters of her house and enter through the window. “He dropped off his pants and walked toward her, his sex in the air,” said a police officer.

First surprised then shocked, the victim started screaming. Her screams luckily chased away her attacker. But not for a long time. The man returned a few minutes later to satisfy his urges. Once again, his pants down. His penis in one hand.

Again, the young woman did not allow the man to do his act. The pervert was given a glass jar in the legs. A move that had the merit of maintaining the distance but that was not enough to calm him. “He masturbated in the street,” says our source.

The scene did not last long. By the time police arrived, the man was gone. The investigation was ongoing and fast. The police then made a connection with a previous case that led to a suspect.

Investigators decided to present a plank pictures to the victim. The woman identifies her attacker. The man was arrested on Wednesday October 12. At his hearing, he has not confessed to the crime.

After paying a deposit, he was free to leave and his trial will start on November 10 to answer a charge of exhibitionism in recurrence and trespassing.