[Exclusive Video] Flacq Hospital’s Poor Condition Causing Inconvenience

An individual who was admitted recently at the Flacq hospital says that the premises are in poor conditions. Many patients who are admitted there reveal the same. In fact, the hospital provides services for the Health Region 3 for a population of about 170,000 residents living primarily in the district of Flacq under the directorate of a Regional Health Director (RHD).

Watch video (toilet floor):

According to the same person, he was admitted in ward 2-3 and says that he felt very uncomfortable during his stay. He adds that the toilets are in a deplorable state- leakages, poor cleaning services and dirty toilet water crawling near patients’ wards.

Watch video (toilet roof):

While poor sanitation reigns the premises, the patient says that doctors and nurses are considerate about the issue and they politely try to sort this issue.
Many patients feel that it is high time for authorities to look into this matter as thousands of people rely on the services of this hospital.
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