Lower Plaines Wilhems: A Notary Accused Of Assaulting His Wife

A 26 year old woman from lower Plaines Wilhems accuses her husband, a notary of 37 years, to have attacked and assaulted her in the night of Sunday to Monday October 10.


*Manisha slept on a mattress in the living room on Sunday evening October 9. In the early hours of Monday, she said she heard her husband screaming:

“Our son, 9 months old, was crying because he was hungry. My husband went towards him and threw him on a mattress. An argument broke out between us when I reproach him about his behavior. There he attacked me and put me out of the house,” she explained to the Défi Quotidien.

Manisha alleges that her husband often attacks her:

“My son of 9 months and his sister was sleeping in the bedroom. I was expecting my husband at the salon. He was out with my brother. I fell asleep and at one point, I heard my husband scream, and my son was crying. I asked him to prepare the baby’s milk. He tried to attack me, but I was able to escape. He pursued me and bumped me against a door.”

Manisha also alleges that her husband dragged her to the ground and put her out of the house. She fled to her mother’s place, but said nothing about the incident: “My mother has much stress. I told her that I made a visit.”

“I got married last year. Since then, my husband’s behavior has changed drastically. He became violent. I do not know why,” says Manisha.

The notary denies outright the allegations:

“The disputes are common between my wife and me. I asked for an order of protection against her acting twice. She is angry and jealous. She does not appreciate that I visit my relatives.”

The notary says he never assaulted his wife or abused their baby:

“She lies. The locals will attest. My son was crying and she was upset. She gave a kick at the door and was injured. She wants my property that’s why she hurts my reputation,” said the notary to the Défi Quotidien. The police investigation is ongoing.