Mahébourg: An Abandoned Bus Provides Den Activities For Prostitutes And Drug Addicts

This bus has turned into a place where prostitutes and junkies come at nightfall. This causes concern and dissatisfaction to the neighbors, who ask the vehicle to be removed.

The bus abandoned for months making it easier for drug users and prostitutes, according to neighbors.

The bus abandoned for months making it easier for drug users and prostitutes, according to neighbors.

A bus abandoned just steps from the waterfront and restaurant could be just a mere eyesore. But now the situation is more complex than it appears because the neighbors speak of suspicious activity and prostitution after nightfall.

They are worried neighbors who have drawn attention to this bus. “Li abandoné é tou kalité zafer déroulé ladan, lanwit sirtou,” said a neighbor. “Les drogués y viennent. Il y a aussi des prostituées qui s’y retrouvent pour leurs activités,” adds another neighbor.

L’express went to the scene. At first glance, the bus painted in blue and yellow seems to be quite normal, parked between two trees on a vacant lot not far from the waterfront. In addition, the space also serves as a parking for other vehicles. Nevertheless, the tires are punctured and the windows broken. The body are beginning to contain rust and the seats destroyed. The lack of maintenance of the bus hints that it was not on the road for several months.

There is an unexpected mess inside the bus. A soot odor associated with body odor strikes first. Leaves, an old jogging, cigarette butts and other trash were littered on the floor. The seats are in poor condition and put on the floor to form a mattress, confirming the complaints of residents. People seem to come there regularly, to the dismay of residents. “It could have been closed and restrict access to the bus. But now it has become a space for people of ill repute,” they say.

A temptation
The neighbors are not the only ones complaining about this situation. Teachers and the management of a college are also concerned. Indeed, a few meters from the land where the bus is located, is a secondary institution for boys. “During the day, we’re in class and students can get to go in that bus. However, after school hours, we have no control over them. We do not know if they do but one thing is certain: this bus is a temptation and can have a bad influence on them,” said one of the teachers, on condition of anonymity.

L’express tried to have a statement from the bus owner. “I parked the bus on that land but I did not know that such things took place there,” he said, without wanting to elaborate on the reasons for the abandonment of this bus. I will make sure to remove it as soon as possible,” he said.