Out Of Control 15 Year Old Son: Father “Aidez-moi a sortir mon fils de l’enfer de la drogue”

A 15 year old child from the West of the country has run away from his house since two weeks. His father Marcel, 38, alleged that his son is “out of control” and sought refuge with a drug trafficker who allegedly threatened him. He filed a complaint at the police station of Quatre-Bornes on Tuesday October 11.

The Quatres Bornes police station has opened an investigation.

The Quatres Bornes police station has opened an investigation.

Marcel is a desperate father. This man from Quatres Bornes complained to the police station of the region on Tuesday to have received death threats. “My 15 year old son left home to live with an alleged drug dealer called ‘Joselin’. The latter threatened to kill me twice. The first time on September 30, and October 5.”

“Aret to bane manier, si to met to garson ar CDU, mo pou met enn zouti avek twa e mo pou fini twa. Et si to lot garson fer nimporte, li pou conner are mwa,” launched Joselin to Marcel.

Contacted by the Défi Quotidien, Samuel says his son is “out of control”.

“He has changed a lot since he meets Joselin. He does not obey me. This is the first time he fugue. I’ve seen him taking drugs and when I’ve criticized him, he insulted me. Help me get my son out of this hell. I do not want him to be addicted to drugs. I tried everything but to no avail.”

The father says his eldest son was also trapped by Joselin but he escaped.

“My eldest son has changed. I have no hope for the younger one. I live in fear. I’m afraid of being mugged in the street. Joselin manipulates children and leads them into the hell of drugs. All local residents will attest.”

Police in Quatre-Bornes is actively looking for Joselin.