Police Landing In Rivière du Rempart: College Students Detained In Pool Houses

The police is in going into the war against the Pool Houses in the North of the country.

On Wednesday October 12, nine people including six minors were detained in a Pool House in Rivière du Rempart. On October 5, the day of Teacher’s Day, a similar operation was conducted in two Pool Houses and 24 college students were arrested.

The police checking documents of the manager.

The police checking documents of the manager.

It was about 2:00 PM that the police raid took place on Wednesday. College students, some of them in uniform, were playing pool. The manager of the Pool House, aged 25 and originally from the village, was also present. He was also arrested. The police accused him for opening the doors of his trade in prohibited hours and for allowing minors to access the pool house. He was verbalized.

The police officers informed the students’ parents. College students and the other people who were in the pool house during prohibited hours were also verbalized. They were then allowed to leave.

The day of Teacher’s Day, the officers made a police raid in Goodlands. The police went into two pool houses of the region. 36 tickets were drawn up against them. Police blame the managers of the two houses to operate in prohibited hours. Those present, aged between 14 and 37 years, were sentenced to fines including 24 students.

The operations are conducted by Sergeant Sameer Hoosenee from the North juvenile brigade under the supervision of police superintendent Gukhool.