Sandeep Ramasamy Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison For The Deadly Assault Of His Uncle

Sandeep Ramasamy, 25, was sentenced on Thursday October 13 to 10 years imprisonment by the Assize Court.

Sandeep Ramasamy

Sandeep Ramasamy

The sentence was pronounced by the judge Benjamin Marie-Joseph, who considered the young age of the accused, by the fact that he pled guilty and the fact that his brother and mother depend on him to live. And also, the violent character of the deceased.

Sandeep Ramasamy pleaded guilty in the Court of Assizes of assault causing death without intention to kill. he had struck several saber blows to his uncle Kisnah Ramasamy, the brother of his father.

The drama was played in July 17, 2010 in the village of Trois Boutiques. The investigation was conducted by the team of inspector Jaylall Boojhawon.

Update> Sandeep Ramasamy: “10 years is tough”

“I feel guilty. I did not expect this sentence. 10 years is tough for me and especially for my family. “Pena person ki pou kapav guett mo mama ek mo ti frer. Mo pa ti ena lintantyon pou touy li. Inn vinn enn aksidan kouma dire,” says Sandeep Ramasamy in an exclusive statement to Al Khizr Ramdin, a journalist from Radio Plus.