Bettors Yell At Scandalous Ticket Returns: “Mone paye Rs 4 500 et mone gagne zis Rs 3 000”

The last five races on the program were cancelled last Saturday because of heavy rains and impassable track. However, this resulted in a backlash on part of many punters.


Many are those who held a winning ticket after the third race. But to their amazement, they were paid less than their bets by bet operators. “Mone paye Rs 4500 et mone gagne zis Rs3000,” complained one.

The president of the Association of Mauritian race goers, Cangayen Pillay said «La GRA doit prendre ses responsabilités et rembourser les parieurs»”.

The president of the GRA Raouf Gulbul was contacted. He asked the concerned punters report the matter to the regulatory body.