Death Of A Youth An A Fatal Car Accident In Bel-Air: The 4×4 Driver Jailed

How did this young man lost control of his vehicle to hit a parked 4×4 ? This is what the police is trying to determine after the fatal accident that occurred around 8:00 PM yesterday, Thursday October 13 in Bel-Air, 400 meters away from the police station.


The vehicle (blue) of the victim Ilshad Callikhan, who did not survive the accident which occurred in Bel Air. He hit a 4×4 was parked.

The victim: Ilshad Callikhan, 28, was going towards Olivia in his car with a passenger. The latter was taken to the hospital for first aid. According to a source, his health condition is still serious and inspires concern.

The 4×4 driver has been jailed for manslaughter. Roomesh Mohungooa, a resident of Mare la Chaux, 36, will appear in court of Flacq this Friday October 14, and will also participate in a reconstruction of the facts. Police are combing through the mechanical condition of the blue car back to know if a mechanical problem was the cause of the accident.

The parked white 4x4.

The parked white 4×4.

Roomesh Mohungooa had just rented a shop in Bel-Air and he was carrying out a renovation work to launch his commercial activities. He was inside his shop when the collision occurred.

In his statement to the police, the 4×4 driver said he was not in his vehicle at the time of the accident. He hired the services of lawyer Abhishake Jugo.