Jin Fei: Police Officers Giving Driving Lessons

Whether the police is allowed to use a government vehicle to give driving lessons or not remains unclear for many.

A user sent us photos showing two officers acting as a driving instructor for one of their colleagues. These pictures were taken on Tuesday 11th October in the streets of Jin Fei in Terre Rouge.

The photo clearly shows the action. A cone is placed at the rear of the vehicle to allow the aspiring driver to engage reverse gear, according to the rules. Meanwhile, one of the officers provoked her explanations. An “L” sticker is glued to the back of the vehicle.

Asked to comment, the inspector Shiva Coothen evokes a “normal practice”. According to the head of the Police Press Office, the police force has also its own driving school to teach its members the conduct and the code of the road. In the photo, the inspector continues, we see an “L” sticker.

« Aujourd’hui, la police est devenue la cible des internautes. Les policiers n’ont ni le droit de manger ni de boire ni de faire quoi que ce soit. Mais je vous rassure: c’est une pratique normale » said inspector Coothen.