Laboratory Of An Elite College: Synthetic Drugs Fabricated By Students

The revelation was made by a social worker at the 142nd session of the Commission on Drugs on Thursday October 13. College students are manufacturing synthetic drugs. He also denounced pharmacists.

[Illustration photo]

[Illustration photo]

“We learned that elite college was forced to close its laboratory.” This is what the social worker said to the President of the Commission, Paul Lam Shang Leen and his two assessors, Sam Lauthan and Ravind Domun. According to him, the laboratory was misused. “The college students manufactured synthetic drugs in the college. The management had to close the lab and the lab manager ended up in layoffs,” has he revealed.

The situation, he said, does not imply only boys. “We have a recent case of a schoolgirl who fainted at school. After investigation, it was learned that she had consumed synthetic drug. It is her boyfriend, a consumer who gave it to her.”

Faced with these revelations, Paul Lam Shang Leen expressed his surprise. The Commission has recently addressed a series of questions to the colleges that responded that there was no problem. “We will summon the college rectors in the coming days. They will have to explain,” warned the former judge.

Besides the laboratory, the social worker believes that the synthetic drug is made at home by teenagers. Youth aged 14 to 15 years have already used Brown Sugar.

Other denunciation: the sale of psychotropic drugs by pharmacists in the capital and in the Plaines-Wilhems. “These pharmacists are traffickers. They make their profit on the backs of children. One tablet of Nova (sold Rs 10) is sold at the black market between Rs 60 and Rs 75. The cough syrup is also sold illegally to children,” he alleged.