Over 17 Members Resign From Alan Ganoo’s Movement Patriotique!

Raffick Sorefan, one of the founding members of the Patriotic Movement party formed by dissidents from MMM has left the party currently led by Alan Ganoo.

Surrounded by 17 other members who resigned, including four founding members and others from the regional bodies of the Patriotic Movement, Raffick Sorefan says it is with a heavy heart that he decided to leave the party; adding that he will sit as an independent member in the National Assembly.

Raffick Sorefan deplores the way to Alan Ganoo head of the Patriotic Movement:

« Peut-être il est pire que Paul Bérenger dans sa façon de faire », said Raffick Sorefan in a press conference on Friday afternoon 14th October.


Raffick Sorefan said that Alan Ganoo « ne peut prendre des décisions » : « 45 ans durant, il est resté dans l’ombre de Paul Bérenger, il répète ses agissements. »

He wished good luck to Alan Ganoo because he is expecting other resignations from Patriotic Movement, including that of deputy Jean-Claude Barbier.

MPs Joe Lesjongard and Kavi Ramano also resigned from the political party.