Price Of Cigarette Rises By 16.1%

From July to September, the index of consumer prices rose by 12%. This is indicated by the latest figures from Statistics Mauritius published on Friday 14th October. The reason behind is the rising prices of several products in the wake of the 2016-2017 budget measures.

Topping the largest increases, one finds such as alcohol and cigarettes. The price of cigarettes has experienced the largest increase, up 16.1%.

The level of alcohol products, rum and other spirits from sugarcane climbed 9.8%. While the price of beer and wine registered respective increases of 3.8% and 8.2%. The price of whiskey  has also increased by 12.4%. Result of the increase: prices in the bars and restaurants were up 4.6%.

As for non-alcoholic products, the price of sugar rose by 17% while the price of rice sold by wholesalers rose 9%. Prices of fish and fruit for their part increased by 3, 8% and 5.3% each.