Alleged Pimping At Bab’s Club: Two Women Surprised In Full Frolic With Two Men

Asha R., a resident of Arsenal aged 28, and Joanna A., a resident of Bel-Air / Rivière-Seche aged 26, were surprised in full frolic with men during a police raid at the Bab’s Club in La Marie on Sunday October 9. Krishna W., the 61 year old owner of the establishment, and two women were arrested by the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Central Division.

Police searched the Bab's Club and a guest house on the first floor.

Police searched the Bab’s Club and a guest house on the first floor.

It is based on complaints registered on the police hotline that the CID has conducted an operation to search the Bab’s Club. The police fell on twenty individuals on the ground floor and in a guest house on the first floor, two couples were in full frolic in two bedrooms. The four people were taken to the premises of the CID for questioning in Curepipe.

It appears that the owner of the Bab’s Club, who would be a political activist, was selling the charms of these two women against the sum of Rs 1 000. The two “clients” who live in the South and West, explained handing this sum to get sexual favors from two young women. After interrogation they were allowed to leave.

As for Asha R. and Joanna A., they say they are helpless to do this “work” to support their families. According to Asha R., married and a mother, she worked at the club for three weeks. “I looked for a work everywhere, but in vain. Three weeks ago, I told a friend I was looking for a job and she suggested me the Bab’s Club,” she told investigators.

According to Asha R., Krishna W. asked her to sleep with customers. “I accepted because of my financial constraints. The salary of my husband is not enough and we have a baby.” She confided to Défi-Plus that her family is not aware of the nature of her work. “I told them that I work for a private company. Lavi difisil. Mo bizin trase pou swegn mo zanfan.”

As for Joanna A., she explained that she did this “work” for a week. “I needed money and I agreed.” After their interrogation, the two young women were able to return home. On Monday October 10, they appeared before the court in Curepipe under a provisional charge of “soliciting for immoral purpose male.” They got parole after paying a fine.

The owner denies
On Tuesday, Krishna W., who was wanted by the police showed up at the CID of Curepipe with his lawyer. He was placed under arrest. However, he denied the allegations against him, “I do not know these two women. I have several customers who come to the Bab’s Club and I do not know how they could do such a thing.” He presented his operating permit.
On Wednesday, he appeared before the court in Curepipe under a provisional charge of “human trafficking”. He was renewed in police cell. On Friday, Krishna W. was again brought to court for his conditional release request, but the motion was rejected. The investigation is supervised by the Superintendent of Police Frichot.