Ashish Takoordyal Pleads Guilty After Cutting His Wife With A Grinder

Ashis Takoordyal, 37, was presented to the judge Benjamin Marie-Joseph of the Assize Court on Friday Oct. 14.

Ashis Takoordyal.

Ashis Takoordyal.

He is accused of having cut his wife Bahanoomatee, known as Deepa, 33 with a grinder. He pleaded guilty to murder.

The trial will be heard on January 10 2017. Ashis Takoordyal is defended by lawyer Coomaravel Pyaneandee. The prosecution is conducted by Ms. Anuradha Purryag-Ramful.

The drama was played in January 9, 2014 in Eau Coulee. The remains of Deepa Takoordyal were found in two garbage bags in a ravine at the Trois-Mamelles mountain.

Deepa Takoordyal was missing for several days. The police investigation resulted in the arrest of her husband Ashis Takoordyal, a vigil by profession.

Ashis Takoordyal blamed his wife Deepa of maintaining extramarital affairs.