Belle-Mare: A Couple Arrested For Abuse On A 6 Months Old Baby

He is only six months old and has already been removed from the custody of her parents. The baby was placed in a shelter by the managers of the Child Development Unit because his parents were accused of mistreating him. It is a neighbor who reported them to the police on October 6. The couple was arrested.

Mistry, 34, and Alain, 51, work in the fields.

Mistry, 34, and Alain, 51, work in the fields.

Drunk parents, the back and forth of “shady people” at their home and a house “without water and electricity.” This is the daily life of the little Jeremy (*), six months old, according to a neighbor. The little is often neglected when his parents go to work in the fields. Unable to bear this situation, Nicole (*), 57, decided to report the case to the police.

According to the neighbor, Alain, 51, and Mistry, 34, moved into a cabin at Belle-Mare two years ago. The young woman, mother of three children, is separated from her first mate. Alain, laborer, also had three children from a previous relationship.

“This could not work”
Six months ago, the family grew with the arrival of a baby. Nicole thought that his neighbors drop alcohol consumption. But the neighbor said she was heavily disappointed. “In addition to the back and forth of shady people in their cabin, the couple abandones the child when both go to work in the fields. We look after the boy baby as duty of their neighbors. Alain and Mistry return late at night and under the influence of alcohol. They do not realize that the child needs a healthy breast milk. I’ve talked about this issue to them but they do not listen,” says our interlocutor.

However, on Wednesday October 5, the couple took the child to the fields. “Zot ti fini sou ek zot pe pran zanfan pou amenn dan karo,” says Nicole. A neighbor then returned home with the infant. “This could not last forver. I went to the Child Development Unit (CDU) where I was advised to go to the police station,” says our interlocutor.

The next day, Nicole recorded a testimony on “child illtreatment”. Police went at the scene and the child was taken to the Flacq Hospital where he was admitted. He is under the CDU custody currently. The parents were arrested on Friday October 7 before being released on parole. On Saturday, they appeared before the Bail and Remand Court and will have to go to Flacq District Court on Monday. However, they did not turn up there. They were then arrested in Flacq on Wednesday.

During interrogation, Alain and Mistry denied the allegations against them. “When we go to work, we leave our child with a neighbor. After work last Wednesday, we learned that he had been taken to hospital. So we thought he was sick. But we did not visit him. The next day we went to the fields to work. Me nou kontan nou zanfan. Nou pena lintansion pou fer li dimal,” they argued at the Belle Mare police station.
On Thursday, Alain and Mistry appeared before the court of Flacq where a provisional charge of abuse has been brought against them. A second interim charge has been brought against them for violating the conditions imposed by the court. Police have objected to their release on bail and they remain in police cell.

* Fictitious names