SDF Since September: With No house, 54 Year Old Lady Finds Shelter In A Hospital

54 year old Dhucoomanee Ramkissoon finds herself for the second time in the street. In 2014, she was able to take refuge in a convent but since September 2016, she sleeps on the benches of a hospital to be free from danger and the vagaries of weather.

She does not know where to go. She finds herself homeless for the second time. At night, this single 54-year old lady finds shelter in a hospital and sadly falls asleep on a bench in the establishment with all the discomfort that guessing and cold.

Dhucoomanee Ramkissoon used to live with her relatives. However, due to family conflicts, she decided to find refuge in a convent in 2014. After a year in October 2015, she landed a job as a maid of all work in a family living in the North.


« Mon employeur était amputé des deux pieds. Je m’occupais de tout là-bas. J’y étais aussi logée et nourrie », she said.

Dhucoomanee says she had to work in difficult conditions and frequently suffered humiliation. Until last September, when things escalated. « Bourzwa-la ti kontan maltret mwa. Sa zour-la, linn bat mwa ek linn met mwa deor dan travay akoz enn palab. Monn met enn lantre lapolis et monn pran form 58 parski mo ti blese dan mo lame », reveals the latter who then went to the SSRN hospital for treatment.

With nowhere to go despite her efforts, she decided to squat the benches of the hospital at night to be safe from a potential danger. « Je suis une femme seule et il y a beaucoup d’hommes qui m’ont approchée pour profiter de la situation » she says. « Chaque matin, je prends le premier bus pour Port-Louis. Je ne demande ni la charité ni à manger. Parfois, certaines personnes qui me connaissent m’offrent de la nourriture. Il y a des jours aussi où je m’endors le ventre vide et je ne bois que de l’eau pour survivre » the SDF painfully continues, adding that she goes back into the last bus back to the hospital in the afternoon.

She is now making an appeal to the government to help her find a home: “« Tou dimounn ki vinn lopital trouv mwa pe dormi lor ban. Lapolis ki travay laba dir mwa si mo pa ale zot pou ferm mwa. Mo dir zot mo aksepte ferm mwa, me mo pou dormi lamem parski mo pena lot plas pou ale. Mo enn madam, mo pa kapav dormi lor lari. Mo demann gouvernman ed mwa fer mwa gagn enn lakaz ».