Crackdown Operation In Grand-Bay: 3 Women Arrested For Prostitution

A crackdown operation by police from Friday night to Saturday in Grand-Bay led to the arrest of three women suspected of engaging in prostitution. They were provisionally charged with “soliciting male for immoral purposes”.

Three prostitutes busted by the police in Grand Bay.

Three prostitutes busted by the police in Grand Bay.

Various units of the Northern Division of Police collaborated during this operation. The Juvenile Police, the Criminal Police Grand-Bay and other units have lent a hand to carry out this exercise. It was shortly before midnight that the operation was launched. Plainclothes sleuths walked the coastal road of Grand Bay.

After a round of surveillance, they spotted a woman conversing with a man. The sleuths approached her while she was proposing to offer the man her services for the sum of Rs 500. was She was taken into police custody. Another woman got caught talking to a client.

Around 1.30 a.m, officers spotted a man and a woman kissing each other on the street. The police arrested the couple. 33 year old Marie J., resident of Terre-Rouge, 30 year old Charlene R., based in Grand Bay and 35 year old Natasha A, resident of Roche-Bois, were taken to the police station of Grand Bay. They spent the night in jail before appearing before the Bail and Remand Court on Saturday. During interrogation, they explained that they are poor and are selling their charms to feed their children.

31 year old Jose P., who was surprised himself by police as he kissed a woman in public, was verbalized. The operation was conducted by the Hoosenee sergeant, under the supervision of SP Gokhool and ASP Veerasamy.