[Exclusive Video] Grand Sable: A Monster Fish Caught By Fishermen

A monster fish was captured by fishermen in Grand Sable after it was found floating upside down in the sea on Sunday 16 of October. The fish was taken out of the water with the help of several persons including fishermen. According to a source, the fish is called ‘Vielle La Boue’ or Goliath Grouper.

Some people present on the site said that the cause of the huge fish’s floating upside down might be associated with rising temperatures which heats their natural habitat to an unbearable extent or the fish could be stressed.

See photos below:


Huge fish floating in the waters of Grand Sable.


Inhabitants trying to remove the fish from the waters.


Fishermen and onlookers giving a helping hand.

Watch video:


The huge fish is of an estimated length of over two meters.


The fish after being removed from the water.

According to a source, the fish was still alive and the NCG officers decided to take the fish away to a museum.

Note: This fish is highly toxic and can be fatal if eaten. SHARE.