Fatal Car Accident At Gokoola: Satish Luchmun Was Newly Recruited By A Bank

The list of road accident victims keeps on increasing. To date, 107 cases were recorded. Luchmun Satish died on Wednesday night at the wheel of the car of his friend at Gokoola. Satish and his friend Luchmun Sitanansing returning from a trip to Belle Mare.

Satish Luchmun dies in a car accident in Gokhoola.

Satish Luchmun dies in a car accident in Gokhoola.

The latter, the vehicle owner, was asleep in the back seat. At Gokoola, the car skidded and Satish was screened on the asphalt. He was lost his life instantly. Since then, the relatives of the young man are immersed in deep sorrow. In the family home in Morcellement St-André, the atmosphere is heavy and palpable emotion.

“It’s a shock to the family. We have difficulty accepting the death of Satish. He lacked nothing. He longed for a bright future and had everything to succeed, “says Sanjay, the father of the victim, aged 49. He says his son got a job in a bank two months ago and everything was fine for Satish, who is the eldest of the family. “Satish and I were very close. We got along as friends. He was always friendly. He liked to spend his free time with his family and friends. He was my confidant. Mo finn perdi mo lamin drwat “laments Sanjay.

For him, Satish was an exemplary son. “Satish ti kompran lavi. I had to buy him a car, but he is gone. I will treasure the memory of good times with my son. Last April, we all went to Rodrigues to celebrate his birthday and he was very happy. Satish finn dir mwa li pe al enn get-together Belle-Mare e li ki pou kondir… Aster monn perdi li »”said Sanjay, to tears. Sitanansing, the friend of Satish, was questioned by police on Thursday and said he does not know how the accident occurred.