Goodlands: A Young Man Kidnapped By Four Individuals

A resident of Petit-Raffray, aged 19, was abducted by four men on Friday afternoon October 14 under the helpless gaze of his girlfriend. The young man was found and the suspects arrested. They have appeared in Bail and Remand Court on Saturday October 15.

[Illustration photo]

[Illustration photo]

It was after three hours of search that Rajiv (pseudonym) was found by the police. The inhabitant of Petit-Raffray, aged 19, was kidnapped by four men on Friday afternoon under the helpless gaze of his girlfriend Priya (pseudonym). The suspects, who live in Fond du Sac, were arrested. Sawan Kumar Seeboccus, 26, Sabeer Kumar Beedassy 25, Toree Manesh, 32 and Kunal Ramkissoon, 20, appeared before the Bail and Remand Court of Port Louis on Saturday. Police have objected to their release on parole and they were renewed to the police cell.

The incident occurred in Beau Plateau Road, Goodlands. Around 1 PM, an individual approached Rajiv and asked him: “To mem Rajiv ki abit Petit-Raffray ? Mo bizin koz avek twa pou enn minit.” It was then that four individuals emerged from a bush to attack the young man. They then abducted the young man.

Priya, aged 20, immediately alerted the Goodlands police. “Zot finn agress Rajiv ek finn anlev li par lafors. Pa kone kot zot finn amen li. L’un d’eux lui réclamait de l’argent,” the young woman told investigators. Several units of the Northern Division police officers including the Field Intelligence Unit and Divisional Supporting Unit mounted an operation.

While the search was in full swing, the young man’s father contacted the police saying that his son had called him to say he was with the kidnappers in Fond du Sac and they demanded a sum of Rs 150 000. Once at the scene, police officers who were on a surveillance mission saw a blue car in which Rajiv and his kidnappers were. They then arrested the suspects who were taken to the police station for questioning.

They confessed to having kidnapped the young man. They told investigators that Rajiv borrowed Rs 150,000 from them two months ago, and he refused to pay them that amount. “This is why we have kidnapped him,” they argued.

The inhabitant of Petit-Raffray gives another version of events. He told investigators that he knows the kidnappers and that they are friends to him. According to him, the suspects kidnapped and assaulted him because they wanted money. “Zot finn servi violans ek zot finn fer mwa sign trwa papie ki swadizan mo dwa zot Rs 150 000. But this is totally wrong. I do not owe them money,” Rajiv said. After giving his testimony, Rajiv went to the SSRN Hospital in Pamplemousses where he received first aid. He was allowed to go home thereafter.

Police suspect a drug case is linked to this incident. The investigation is supervised by the SP Gokhool and the ACP Maunkee.