Ilshaad Callikhan Dies In A Car Crash After Braking For 75 Meters

The road has claimed another victim on Thursday October 13 in Bel-Air. Ilshaad Callikhan, 28, a Bel-Air resident, was driving when he lost control of his vehicle and violently crashed into a parked 4×4.


“I was in my shop when the accident occurred. Monn tann boum e monn gagn sok. Erezma mo pa ti dan mo 4×4. Mo ti kapav trouv lamor,” said the owner of the 4×4 to investigators. According to our intersections, the wrecked car’s engine has been modified.

Instead of 1300 cc, the vehicle was equipped with an engine of 2000 cc capacity. The Bel Air police has opened an investigation. The 4×4 was thrown into a gutter after the impact. In addition, the investigators found tire tracks over a distance of 75 meters. This tends to indicate that the car was traveling at high speed and the driver applied the brakes, but in vain.