[Photos] Bus Crashes Against Building After Being Vandalized By Bel-Air Football Supporters

A bus crashed against a building in Bel-Air today, Sunday October 16. According to preliminary reports, the bus driver has lost control of his vehicle before crashing against a building. A fight after a football game is the origin of the crash. See photos below:

A bus crashes into a building in Bel-Air.

A bus crashes into a building in Bel-Air.



The bus crashed into a building in front of a bakery in Bel-Air around 6:00 PM. Onlookers were quick at the scene. There were no major injuries but the bus driver was left with minor injuries after the crash. According to a source, the bus was vandalized by the Bel-Air football team supporters. Projectiles and stones were thrown towards the bus.

Police are summoned at the scene to take control of the situation. There is a traffic jam in Bel-Air at the moment. More to follow..