[Video] Miss UoM 2016: The Rodriguese Anne Murielle Ravina Crowned

Double joy for Anne Murielle Ravina. After being crowned Miss Rodrigues in 2012, she is crowned Miss University of Mauritius on October 7 at the auditorium Octave Wiehe at Reduit.

Anne Murielle Ravina.

Anne Murielle Ravina.

Anne Murielle Ravina is studying political science with a specialization in international relations at the University of Mauritius (UoM). Modeling, which is one of her favorite pastimes, has always been a side event where she could express her many talents. After studying at Rodrigues College, where she studied literature and art, natural beauty led her to participate in beauty contests in Mauritius. Encouraged by her parents and friends, she participated in the Miss Mauritius 2012 and was among the twelve finalists.

The 2016 edition of the Miss UoM contest was presented by former students of the University of Mauritius, Florian Roussety, Shu Gujadhur and Damien Khilla. Entertainment was provided by Ankur Dance Group, UoM Dance Club, the Askaben Group, the winner of the Rays Club cover song competition in 2015 Hans Veerapaten and vocalist Jeremy Chan.

The jury consisted of Meera Ramchurn, director of Wedding Magazine and Events Olala, Ameeksha Dilchand, Miss Mauritius 2011 and Sarvesh Dussoye, psychologist.

The representatives of different faculties competed in four events: Summer Wear Saree and Traditional Wear, Evening Gown and a series of questions and answers. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of Miss UoM 2016 by the South African Daniella Smit, Miss UoM 2015, a student at the faculty of law and management.

Other participants conquered the jury

Miss Photogenic: Kelly Cheong Foo
Miss Telegenic: Anne Murielle Ravina
Miss Smile: Natacha Hurreesing
Miss Friendship: Kelly Cheong Foo
Miss Talent: Anne Murielle Ravina
Miss Elegance: Riya Seelochun
The 12 finalists:


Severine Bactora, Juanita Nobin, Riya Seelochun, Sharon Namulindwa, Nitisha Ramdany, Anne Murielle Ravina, Jennisha Bhoyrub, Harsha Chitrakshi Gunga, Natacha Hurreesing, Varuna Honishta Pudumsing, Naina Runnoo Kelly Cheong Foo.