[Video] Watch The Second Episode Of “Menteur Menteur”

Why is Showkutally Soodhun privatizing the beach of Saint Felix in favor of a hotel? Because “Mauritians, including himself, are not accepted in current hotels because they are too full.” This is obviously a lie and «Menteur Menteur ?» explains not only why it is, but also how this privatization goes against the contract of alliance Lepep.

To welcome in the program «Menteur Menteur ?» the production deals with two topics concerning Showkutally Soodhun. The second: his return by private jet from Saudi Arabia. The version of Soodhun (a medical emergency) does not fit with the start date of airport procedures. By explaining the Minister leads us to believe that a third party knew before him, he was going to get sick. Disturbing!

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Discover also the other “factchecks” of the prod of «Menteur Menteur ?».  Within a span of two weeks, Xavier Duval  gives two conflicting versions of the discussions prior to the upcoming resignation of SAJ. He is so convincing each time that it is admittedly slightly confusing. What is certain is that one of the two versions is a big lie.

As for Ivan Collendavelloo, the recent attack against the géomorphologue Prem Saddul shows that he is either amnesia or ungrateful towards a “friend” who helped him a lot. But the writings (and parliamentary speech) remain. In the category of praise, also discover those of Zouberr Joomaye on Paul Bérenger earlier this year.

The leader of opposition for his part attributed fictitious subjects about Sithanen and refused a debate on electoral reform … to not be photographed alongside Ramgoolam. Production does not ask much to turn it into derision.

Some of the “factchecks” of this second issue have been made thanks to users who have alerted us. The editorial department invites you also to contribute to future issues by writing discreetly – unless you wanted, you have the right to sign your applications factchecks – to axcel.chenney@lasentinelle.mu to make us your proposals.

You firmly believe that a public statement that you have read, seen or heard is false, dubious, erroneous, exaggerated, contradictory or impossible? The same person ever said otherwise? The so-called facts you mentioned seem wacky? Tell us these differences, even these manipulations, by email. We are going the “factcheck” and maybe talk about in the next issue of «Menteur Menteur ?».

«Menteur Menteur ?» is inspired by American TV and websites shows like “politifact.com”, “Keeping Them Honest” CNN or the “Reality Check” CBS.