Caudan: Police In Search Of The Motorcyclist Who Made The Show

A photo showing a motorcyclist lying on a red Delta is currently making the buzz on the social network Facebook.

Man captured lying on his motorcycle in Caudan.

Man captured lying on his motorcycle in Caudan.

According to some, this photo was taken around 9:00 p.m. on Saturday October 15 at Caudan. Several motorists and motorcyclists say they witnessed the scene.

Despite the risks, for him and for others, this motorcyclist made a spectacle on a road where traffic is usually heavy.

The central Barracks have ordered an investigation to determine the identity of the motorcyclist. “We will ask the Information Unit of the police to trace this picture. The motorcyclist will be brought to court,” said the inspector Shiva Coothen through the Police Press Office.

Asked by the Défi Quotidien, Sajeev Mewasing, president of the Union of Mauritius Bikers, condemned “without reservation” the attitude of the motorcyclist. However, he requests the Government to find a place where young people can indulge their passion.

Sajeev Mewasing proposes that the motorcycle to be seized if it turns out that the owner was involved in an illegal race. “For over a year, we organize a track day every last Sunday of the month. We invite young people to race and make shows instead of participating in illegal street racing,” says Sajeev Mewasing.