[Exclusive] Tamarin: 72-Year-Old Taxi Driver Traumatizes 18 Year Old Girl By Saying He Wants To Lick Her Private Parts

A 72-year-old cabby repeatedly told his 18-year-old passenger that he wanted to lick her private parts during a 35-minute taxi ride, according to the girl’s statement.

[Illustration photo]

[Illustration photo]

The taxi-man persisted in making lewd and suggestive comments to the victim, even while driving her to a police station, as directed by the victim.

The victim had been so traumatized that both a friend and her father heard her trembling voice and she sounded fearful when she called them close to midnight on Saturday October 15, while she was still in the taxi.

A statement has been recorded at a police station against the taxi-man who can be charged of insulting the modesty of a woman.

The victim, a young receptionist at an undisclosed hotel, had boarded the taxi at Tamarin with a male friend. The taxi driver was told to go to Flic en Flac to drop the friend off, before sending the victim to her house in Petite Riviere.

While they were in the taxi, the victim and her friend chatted about her recent break-up. After the friend got off, the taxi-man tried to engage the victim in conversation. He said: “Kifer ou douce coumsa?”

He then told her about a boy he picked up at Flic en Flac who went to look for a girl despite having a girlfriend. He also told the victim about how a young lady would go to him for “sexual pleasures”, and he described explicit acts with her.

He then said: “Tonton osi capav souce toi” and “Tonton capav aret dan coin chemin”.

Afraid, the victim messaged her father and the friend she had dropped off. She also told the taxi-driver her father was a policeman and that he was waiting for her outside their home.

Later, when the friend’s call to the victim was placed on speaker mode, he asked the old man why he was making lewd comments. He replied that he was teaching the victim some “life experience”. The friend could also hear the taxi driver laughing over the phone.

The young girl was safely dropped at her place but she was in tears. Her father then took her to the nearby police station to record her statement. A police investigation is underway to find the taxi driver.