RIU Creole Hotel: Sexual Assault On An Eight Year Old Girl

The incident allegedly took place in the grounds of the property in Le Morne. It is alleged that an employee would have touched the private parts of an 8 year old girl from Reunion Island. Police were on the scene on Sunday afternoon.

RIU Creole hotel.

RIU Creole hotel.

The hotel was rocked by several events that have not played in its favor in recent weeks. It all started with a British family who described their ordeal to The Sun newspaper. According to them, the hotel was infested with rats and they complained of the poor food quality.

The death of a 17 year old South African after she was slapped by her stepmother while she and her family were on vacation in Riu Creole Hotel. And now the case of sexual touching of an 8 year old girl is making the buzz.

Asked for a reaction, the establishment referred Top FM to several people before asking them to call later.

The police explained that the case has not been reported yet.