Victoria Hospital: Patient Alleged That He’s Been Attacked By A Drunk Nurse

A patient of Victoria Hospital alleges he was assaulted by a nurse, he said, who was under the influence of alcohol. The incident took place on Sunday October 16 in a room of the Victoria Hospital.

Candos Victoria Hospital

According to the patient, who intervened in the Xplik ou K program on Radio Plus on Monday morning October 17, four nurses were on duty in the room where he was at the time. One of them, he says, attacked him after a “misunderstanding”.

“Linn vinn kot mo lili. Mo ti pe asize. Linn get mo nom. Linn konfonn. Linn panse mwa kinn opere. Linn dir mwa pena okenn swin pou mwa. Monn dir li mo pann opere. Monn vinn la sinpleman kom [patient] gastrik. Mo bizin sinpleman enn komprime. Linn koumans eksite. Linn koste ar mwa. […] Linn tap mwa enn kalot. Monn separ mwa. Linn tap mwa enn koudpwin, monn tap ar lili, monn tonbe,” says the patient.

A statement was recorded in the police station of the hospital. Asked for a reaction, Dr. B. Ori, director of the Victoria Hospital, said they were aware of the incident. He says an investigation has been opened to shed light on this matter.