Funeral Of Mundolene Vosloo In SA: Heartbreaking Messages From Brothers

Indeed, a moving funeral to bid adieu to 17 year old Mundolene Vosloo. The South African student died after a violent altercation with her stepmother on 5th October at the Riu, Morne. The body was repatriated on 11th October and the funeral was held three days later in Springs, the hometown of the young woman, east of Johannesburg.


Her relatives and classmates had moved in large numbers to pay their last tribute. Mike Vosloo and his two sons aged 11 and 14, carried the coffin to the NG Church Presidents. His brothers paid her tribute in a letter:

« Sussie, I will always love you (…). You are my everything. I miss you and you were always the only one who stood up to the boys who looked for trouble with me and sorted them out and I am so, so, so, so grateful for the time you could be in our lives and you will always be in our hearts and we wish you could be here with us. »

Moreover, the Sunday Times newspaper claims to possess a letter from the brothers of Maria Magdalena Vosloo, stepmother of Mundolene who is still in custody in Mauritius. They describe their sister as a kind and loving person:

« We know our sister didn’t mean to do her [Mundolene] any harm. It was a tragedy. We really feel sorry for the father and his family. Our hearts are broken over what our sister has been experiencing. »