Hit-And-Run: An Adolescent And Girl Admitted To The Hospital

Jema, 13, was admitted to the SSRN hospital in Pamplemousses with the left leg fractured. She’s a resident of Trou-aux-Biches and was biking when she was struck by a car that slowed and then left the scene on Saturday October 15. In Bel Ombre, a six year old girl was the victim of a hit and run on Sunday October 16.


On her hospital bed, Jema (*) is surrounded by her mother and cousins. She has undergone a delicate operation to straighten her leg. Feeling excruciating pain, the teenager could hardly speak.

She and her cousins were riding bicycles a few meters from their house. But at one point, a car appeared from nowhere. “It was a black Mitsubishi. Jema was at an intersection when the car struck her with full force,” said her cousin.

Jema was thrown to the ground due to the impact. Her left leg was fractured. “The car stopped. A lady on the passenger seat came out. The driver and lady wanted to lift Jema, but people approached and said we had to call the police. They left in the car,” recalls the cousin.

Jema’s mother immediately rushed to the scene on hearing the news. “I could not see my daughter in this state. Li ti kapav mor,” she said. The Trou-aux-Biches Police and an ambulance were summoned to the scene. The attendees noted the license plate of the car. A battered took place in the area to find the vehicle without success. The victim was urgently taken to the hospital in the North. Her condition has now stabilized.

It’s indignation among the family of the teenager. Jema, a schoolgirl, was to take part in the Form III exams. “She had to take part in the national examinations on Tuesday. But its over for her because of her state. Now, a medical certificate must be submitted to the college and the MES. My daughter suffers from martyrdom. The car is in the name of a person who is not in Mauritius,” said the mother of the girl.

Another case of hit-and-run involving a child was reported to the Bel-Ombre Police. A 6 year old girl was on the verge of crossing the road around 3:00 PM on Sunday when she was struck by a car struck. The driver was driving in the direction of Baie du Cap and it did not stop. The Bel-Ombre police has opened an investigation. The girl was rushed to the Rose-Belle Hospital where she was admitted. Her condition is stable.

(* Name changed)