Meet 107 Year Old Kewal Parsad Bisnauthsing, The Pride Of Brisée-Verdière!

Kewal Parsad Bisnauthsing celebrated his 107th birthday on 10th of October.  Before starting the conversation, he asked his son Rajesh to tell us to raise our voices a little because he is slightly hard of hearing. And before answering our questions, he wanted to know where we came from. “I was born in Brisée-Verdière, but in another house. That’s after my father bought this land, “he says. Kewal Parsad remembers everything from his childhood, his youth, his marriage, and his friends.  He tells about life of yesteryear, which is quite different from that of today. “People were poor and they worked hard. My family has sacrificed much for many of us. And we are always many, “he said. He says with sadness that his wife died when she was 75 years old.

Kewal Parsad Bisnauthsing.

Kewal Parsad Bisnauthsing.

He married her when he was 20 years old. He finished with two jobs, vegetable grower and teacher at the Protestant school in the village, even if he has studied only up to Standard VI. At the time, he said, teachers were not many and those who managed to complete primary cycle were called to teach. He is the father of six children, two sons and four daughters. Unfortunately, his eldest son died. His junior, Kreshna, is 82 years old. Kewal Parsad leads a routine life. He gets up at 6:00 a.m every morning and does his prayers.

He then goes for a small walk in the street to do a little chat with his neighbors. Even at 107 years, he is very independent and moves alone. He is vegetarian does not drink alcohol and does not smoke. Soft drinks do not interest him. Interested in what is happening in the country and the world, Kewal Parsad never misses newsletters.

And it is with great enthusiasm that he confides that his favorite hobby is horse racing. He continued to go to the Champs de Mars up to 100 years. He has not forgotten how one of his bets on Christmas, horse stables Gujadhur, allowed him to win big. His greatest happiness today is to be surrounded by his family. He is very attached to his 13 grandchildren. He is very grateful to God and to his physician, Dr. Deva Veerasamy for his good health and long life. He is not ready to bow out anytime soon.

He wants to live up to 132 years. “One day, a neighbor told me she had dreamed that I would live until 132 years. I’ve never forgotten that. Provided it be true … ”