Municipality Of Port-Louis: Two Inspectors Attacked By Hawkers

Two inspectors of the municipality of Port-Louis were attacked on Monday. They were on patrol to check that no hawkers operated in the streets of the capital. What should have been a routine inspection for two employees of the municipality of Port-Louis turned to a violent situation.

Municipality of Port-Louis

The Municipality of Port Louis.

On Monday, two inspectors found four hawkers who engaging in their small business illegally in Remy Ollier Street. Then they were asked to stop their activities and comply with the law but the latter became violent towards the two inspectors. One of the attackers pulled out a knife to attack the two employees. However, the presence of other inspectors and police prevented the situation from escalating.

The hawkers then fled. The officers were rushed to the Jeetoo hospital. A statement was also made against the attackers at the police station Pope Hennessy. “We cannot accept such things, declares the Lord Mayor Oumar Kholeegan furiously. We’re neither going be impressed nor deterred by such acts. The work continues. It’s a shame that some twenty hawkers think that the city is theirs. Some insist on working in the streets. What happened is very sad. ”

Late last week, the Municipality of Port Louis and the police have set up a work plan for law enforcement during the end of year festivities. Vigilance is enhanced because it is in this period that some areas of downtown become outdoor shopping venues.