[Providence] Neighborhood Dispute – Shahad Jeetoo Assaulted By An Official

Shahad Jeetoo, a young schoolboy almost became blind for testifying against a senior official. Last Saturday, he was beaten with a rare violence by an official.

Shahad Jeetoo.

Shahad Jeetoo.

Aged 13, he is a student in Form II at the Bhujoharry college Prevoc department in Quartier Militaire. He could not take part in his end of year exams. It all happened when his aunt Nazillah, who lives in Bombay Street in Providence, Quartier Militaire, opposite a kindergarten, noticed a pile of trash with old kitchen utensils. Out of curiosity, Nazillah wanted to know who could do such a thing. His nephew Shahad was playing with his peers in the kindergarten at that time. She asked him: “Est-ce ki to finne trouve qui kènne jette sa banne saleté la ici ?” The young boy said that he was a neighbor of Nazilla.

“I went to see this man, saying that he was not worthy of a government official. He must remove all rubbish or I’ll call the police,” she said. He challenged Nazillah to prove that it was him who had done this. She then asked her nephew to accompany her at the official’s place to testify what he saw. Shahad told him: “Oui mo finne trouve ou jette sa banne saleté la” Then out of anger, the man threw a pot toward the child who was hit on the head. The child fell. He then hit him with a rare violence. “This gentleman became uncontrollable. He threw a chemical on the face of the child that reached his eyes. I looked for help. When his uncle came, the alleged perpetrator took refuge in his house,” she said.

Rushed to the Flacq Hospital, he was then transferred to the Moka hospital where his condition is considered serious. After staying six days in the hospital, Shahad was able to return home, but should continue to monitor his treatment. His right arm and right foot are plastered. The alleged perpetrator is still at large.

A statement was recorded at the Quartier Militaire police station on the same day and another one at the Child Development Unit (CDU), which will follow the case closely.