Declining Birth Rate: Population Of Mauritius May Fall by 21.31% In 40 Years Time!

Mauritians are making fewer fewer babies. Based on the current demographic pace, the population of our will drop by 21.31% in 40 years.

Unless we get to alter this trend on time, the damage caused by the decline in fertility will be considerable in all respects. That’s the challenge that awaits those who are working on Vision 2030.

In the absence of a monitoring of the evolution of the population, the response to this dysfunction and the aging population phenomenon was very shy so far.

The health minister Anil Gayan said during a workshop. “It is necessary to sensitize Mauritians to the need to have more children,” he exclaimed. It is also necessary to understand the reasons of the decline in reproductive rate below the replacement level. 2.1 children per woman, it came down to 1.4.

Certainly there are successful birth control programs, but other factors also discourage couples to have children. Generation Y, which is redrawing the contours of the world economy seems to have other priorities that we want to impose. Yet strong arguments will have to be found for raising awareness of the dangers associated with the aging population, taking into account a well-held perception: raising a child is expensive.