Intermediate Court: Father Tries To Give Detainee Son Drugs Hidden In A Bread

Luckeenarain, the son of Narain Boodhoo, appeared in Intermediate court on Monday. The 53-year-old man took the opportunity to try to give him a bread filled with cannabis dumplings, wrapped in paper. At mid-day on Monday, 53 year old Narain Boodhoo showed up at the intermediate court where his 25 year old son appeared too. This one is in custody at the Melrose in prison for stealing.

Narain Boodhoo and his son Luckeenarain.

Narain Boodhoo and his son Luckeenarain.

Leaving the court, Luckeenarain Boodhoo was bundled into a police vehicle, escorted by police from the Special Supporting Unit (SSU). His father Narain Boodhoo approached the police van and asked the police for permission to surrender a give his son a loaf of bread. Initially, the police denied.

But as Narain Boodhoo was being more and more demanding, a sergeant finally agreed to take the bread. But before giving it to Luckeenarain Boodhoo, he checked the contents, sensing something fishy. The sergeant then told the sleuths of the Anti Drug & Smuggling Unit (ADSU) present. They examined the stuffed bread and discovered nine pellets of cannabis leaves weighing 16.6 g and whose market value is estimated at Rs 10 000. They were wrapped in foil and covered with adhesive tape black.

« Si ou pa kone, ou pou krwar lefwa frir mem sa » said an officer from the drug squad. The drug pellets were coated with a black colored sauce. Narain Boodhoo was placed under arrest. During interrogation he admitted that he wanted to give his son this bread to his son. On Tuesday he appeared before the court in Port Louis, where a provisional charge of drug trafficking has been filed against him.

The police objected to his release. He was put in cell again. From the police side, it is explained that the level of vigilance in the courts has been enhanced. The transfer of prisoners from the court to the prison represents a preferred gateway for drugs in prisons.