National Exams: A Typographical Error In The English Question Paper

The National examinations of Standard IV and V began on Tuesday with English and geography history. These tests will end tomorrow, Thursday October 20 with mathematics and Asian languages.


During English exams, candidates from Std V had to make a correction to the questionnaire. Indeed, the word “lose” was misspelled. The word “loose” was instead seen by students.

The staff of the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate (MES) warned the Ministry of Education and requested that the corrected copy is sent to schools in the island after noticing the fault. While some school teachers claim to have received the message in time, others, however, deplore the lack of internet connection. The correction therefore was not done in some institutions.

For their part, the teachers argue that the institution should make every effort to avoid any errors. Note that from this year, questionnaires were prepared by the MES.

With the delay in the distribution of textbooks, the Government Teachers’ Union had urged the authorities to review the level of questionnaires. A member of the union is satisfied that the proposals have been considered and that the level of questionnaires are affordable.

HSC: Panic in physics practical examinations
Last Thursday, the students who attended the physical examinations for the Higher School Certificate (HSC) have struggled to answer the first exercise. Indeed, one of those candidates tells us that the results from a crocodile clip were not constant. This caused some confusion among students. To remedy the situation, officials of some examination centers have provided a few more minutes to candidates to enable them to complete their questionnaire.

Brenda Thanacoody-Soborun, director of the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate, said that she personally went to check the equipment. She maintains that there was no problem there. She however added that Cambridge International Examinations will be advised of the complaints received.