Price Increase: Rothmans Increase In Rank And Pall Mall Downgraded

According to British American Tobacco, Rothmans cigarette brand is now for the middle class people. Those with low incomes can purchase Pall Mall.


Rothmans cigarette brand was hitherto by British American Tobacco for a specific segment of the population, that is, people with low income. Before the last budget, a packet of 20 cigarettes cost Rs 110. However, with the post-budget increase of customs duties on tobacco, its price increased to Rs 135.

As for the brand Pall Mall, it was previously for smokers who fall into the category of middle-income people. The packet of 20 cost Rs 130 before the budget and the price has not changed despite higher tariffs.

But since this week, the two brands have changed segment, according to British American Tobacco. Rothmans brand is now reserved for middle-income people, while Pall Mall downgraded.

Thus, given its upgrade, the price of Rothmans was readjusted. It rose to Rs 150 a packet. As for the brand Pall Mall, its price remains unchanged at Rs 130.