Raj Dayal Claims Rs 90 Million As Damages From The Government!

MSM MP Raj Dayal is claiming damages of Rs 90 million to the Police Commissioner (CP) and the state after the “loss” of his belongings following his suspension as head of the police force 23 November 1997.


Raj Dayal.

The case was called on 18th October before the judge of the Supreme Court, David Chan Kan Cheong. The defendants (CP and the state) have raised a preliminary objection.

Raj Dayal says he was keen to objects that were in his office to the central barracks, in the days when he was the CP. In a complaint filed in Supreme Court in 2014, Raj Dayal said that he had been appointed head of the police force on 1 September 1994.

He has arranged several personal objects to which he attached a “priceless sentimental value” within his office to the central barracks. But on 23rd November1997, Raj Dayal was suspended from duty.

He argues in his complaint that it was an illegal suspension. But he also laments the fact that he did not had time to collect his belongings in his office on that day. He added that he was denied access to his office before he even received his letter of suspension.  He made a motion for him to collect his “precious and priceless” objects in the museum of the Special Mobile Force (SMF) in Vacoas.

But his request was never approved. After his suspension, Raj Dayal is now facing a commission of inquiry chaired by the former chief judge of the Supreme Court Bernard Sik Yuen. According to Raj Dayal, the Bulloram sergeant had filed a list of personal effects during the work of the Commission of Inquiry in July 1998. The commission of inquiry would lead to his removal as CP.

Raj Dayal said he retrieved his belongings in December 2008. But he nonetheless notes that some have disappeared. He states in his complaint that he had written to the CP repeatedly to demand the return of his personal belongings, but in vain. Raj Dayal even wonders if the belongings are still in good condition. As his requests remained unanswered, he said that he has been prejudiced which he estimated at Rs 90 million.