Rose Belle: A Baby Boy Sold For Rs 200, 000

The Scotland Yard is working in collaboration with the Mauritius Police Force on a child trafficking case. A male baby was sold to a Mauritian couple living in England for the sum of Rs 200 000. Five suspects are in the cross-hairs of the police.

This case surfaced two weeks ago when a renowned gynecologist introduced himself to the police to report a case of harassment through a mobile phone. In his testimony, he said that he was constantly harassed by a man named Seenan D., who wanted to have a certificate on the birth of a child. Gradually, as the doctor gave details to the police, they realized that this was not a simple case of harassment but also that of child trafficking.

The couple Sona and Seenan D., a microbiologist of Mauritian origin lives in England for years. They are aged 56 and 60 years respectively and have no child. They have expressed their desire to have a child in Mauritius. Then they were put in contact with the couple Laura L and Daniel B from Jeanine Lane, Rose-Belle. According to the version of Laura L, an artificial insemination of Sona and Seenan D. did not work. And it is the same gynecologist they would have sought. The couple Sona and Seenan D said that Nalina M, 58, director of a pre-primary school in Vacoas who would have put them in touch with the couple Laura L and Daniel B. According to police sources, the case goes back to three months.

Last August, Laura L became pregnant with her husband. Parents of two children, the couple did not want to keep the child. That’s when the idea to contact the couple Sona and Seenan D to give them the child came to their mind. Once again, they contacted Nalina M who got in touch with Sona and Seenan D. They accepted the offer made. Repeatedly, Laura L goes to the gynecologist at Rose Hill in the company of Seenan D. Laura L presented herself as Seena’s wife to the doctor. During the nine months, things have gone very well until delivery.

In July 26, she was admitted to a clinic for delivery. For the purposes of formality, she needed to take the name of Laura L as she had to show her identity card. After childbirth, her husband Daniel made the payment. The child belongs to the couple Laura L and Daniel B as shown in the certificate issued by the clinic to register the child at the registry office.

Rs 200,000 in exchange for the child

Upon leaving the clinic, the child is given to the couple Sona and Seenan D in exchange for Rs 200,000.

The baby is known as the son of Sona and Seenan D. as evidenced by the birth certificate of the child. The investigators wanted to know how the child of another couple bear the name of the couple living in England. An investigation at the registry office revealed that the couple used the certificate of a midwife certifying that the child was born at 503 Hydepark, Buswell Avenue, Quatre-Bornes. This is where Sona and Seenan D live when they are in Mauritius. The midwife is being sought by the police.

Everything went fine for Sona and Seenan D., until they made steps to be able to take the child with them in England. The microbiologist must initiate steps for his son to accompany him. However, the British High Commission does not approve the certificate of the midwife about the birth of the child at home. They want a certificate certified by a doctor.

In the police version, the doctor said that he became aware of the matter when he again received the visit of Seenan D. and this time he was accompanied by Sona and not Laura L. He was intrigued by this case. He out-rightly refused to sign the statement. In his testimony, the gynecologist said he was constantly harassed by Seenan D., but he did not give in to his blackmail. Instead, he presented himself to the police.

Nalina M. denies involvement

During questioning by the police, the director of the pre-primary school said the two couples know each other for some time. She even cited an example to bloodhounds. According to her version, she saw the couple in conversation while they were at a party that her kindergarten organized in 2015. However, her version is contradictory to the version that  Sona and Seenan D. gave to investigators who suspect many other similar cases. A police investigation is underway.